Big Changes Looming on the Horizon

Really Big Changes.....

I am preparing to move to Los Angeles. Its something I've thought about doing since the first time I visited Southern California oh so many years ago (for SDCC). Now, I'm really going to make it happen.  I'm doing this on a bit of a whim and not necessarily a prayer...but a dream. And a desire to DO SOMETHING with my life. The last few months I've been feeling as if I'm on the brink of...something. Just anticipating...something. Its been dizzying.

And its all a matter of "making it happen". Its all up to me. And the time is now. Now or never. Take the plunge. And all that.

If I don't post another entry before, I'll see you on the other side.

"New Year Goodness" Onward, 2017!

"New Year Goodness" Onward, 2017!