AetherCon IV

AetherCon IV is an online gaming (RPG) convention, November 13-15.  I'll be participating in speed painting duels all weekend (all three days).  They'll be streaming live in one of the "rooms" (I think the duels will be in The Wandering Toad room) on the AetherCon website. Since I'll be selling prints that day at The Art Center's Holiday Artisan Market (4-8PM, Saturday, Nov. 14), and my speed painting duel is scheduled for 6-7PM, I'll be doing mine at the Market. A nice, extra fun treat for folks there. I won't be able to gab to anyone at the market while doing this, though since I'll be gabbing for AetherCon (and wearing headphones and a mic), so sorry if you plan on being there and have questions. I'll try to answer them AFTER the duel is over. 

My schedule:  Friday, Nov 13 - Noon to 1PM ; Saturday, Nov 14 - 6PM to 7PM ; Sunday, Nov 15 - 5PM to 6PM. 

Head on over to AetherCon, if you'd like to attend. I highly suggest doing so - it looks like such a fun con!